Have a Cuppa With Me


"In the course of my life, I have asked various people, 'could I have Asperger’s?' or 'do you think I could be on the spectrum?' [...] 

Jessie gave me new vocabulary to describe aspects of myself that I had struggled to talk about with other people – things I couldn’t make sense of within myself, because she understood what I was talking about, even when I didn’t.


I walked away feeling empowered, reassured and more confident. [...]

An hour spent with Jessie, plus a few more hours reading the information she gave me after our chat, has no doubt saved me from hundreds of hours spent poking around in the dark, looking for answers and not knowing who to trust, where to look, or even, what to ask.


I highly recommend a 1:1 chat with Jessie."


"Speaking with Jessie has been an absolute pleasure.


I was very much beginning to understand 'am I or am I not' all on my own, but luckily was highly recommended to meet with Jessie.


Throughout our lovely conversations, she was so supportive and validating.


As we shared our stories, Jessie helped me understand how many of the experiences and feelings I had were in fact very common for women on the spectrum.


I felt very much at ease, reassured, and invigorated - even after we spoke.


I’m so grateful for Jessie’s care and all the resources she shared. I would highly encourage anyone also trying to understand more about their own autistic experiences to connect with Jessie."