Have a Cuppa with Me


It is an incredibly powerful and personal experience to realise you are on the autism spectrum. 

The process following is a difficult thing to explain to another person. 


As a late-diagnosed woman, I can appreciate some of the challenges that you have faced both prior to and after realising that you are on the spectrum. 

Recognising  that you are autistic is just the starting point to unravelling your life up to this point, and this is a process unique to autistic women. 

Whether you have been formally diagnosed, self-identify as being autistic, or perhaps just suspecting I will be happy to connect with you and listen to what you have to say. 

There is very little understanding about autism in women and it is only now that

more attention is being drawn to us Lost Girls. 


My experience has been that, though well intentioned, it is often difficult for professionals to quite understand or provide the right assistance.


It can be validating and reassuring to connect with someone who has a lived experience.