Terms & Conditions


Have a Cuppa With Me


I am looking forward to meeting you for a virtual cuppa and a chat.

It's important to me that I offer an experience that is supportive and validating for you in a trusting environment. 

I am therefore very mindful of maintaining integrity and safety in my online and offline spaces.

Sharing Skills, Knowledge and Insight

It is my intention to support late-diagnosed and late-identified women on the spectrum via my Have a Cuppa With Me service.   

These sessions are not designed to be a substitute for counselling or clinical therapy and I am not bound by any regulatory authority. 


My support cannot take the place of appropriate mental health or medical treatment.


On occasion, our discussions may trigger issues that go beyond the scope of my coaching and it is understood that I do not offer crisis support.


If you require immediate assistance I encourage you to contact either Lifeline on 13 11 14, your GP or your local mental health service. 


Any information, recommendations or suggestions I provide are my opinion only and based on what you tell me.


I also consider the experiences of my current and previous clients. 

Resources and Recommended Reading 

I may occasionally suggest resources at the end of your session in order to assist you.


This may include psychologists, organisations, Facebook groups, or autistic voices to follow on social media.


It is understood that they are offered as a recommendation only and that individual experiences of these recommendations may vary.

Anyone I recommend does not endorse me and unless clearly stated it is understood that I do not receive payment for my recommendation. 

All partnerships and affiliate relationships are clearly stated on my website and associated resources. 

Payment Terms

Payment is required at the time of booking and received with thanks.

You will be able to process payment via the online scheduling calendar and have the option of using either PayPal or credit card.

I do not have access to your credit card details. 

Cancellation Terms

You will be able to reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours before the scheduled time.

You will also be able to cancel your appointment up to 48 hours before the scheduled time to receive a refund, however any cancellation will incur a $3.00 administration fee.  

Without the required 48 hours notice, or if you do not attend your appointment, unfortunately a refund cannot be provided.

The reason for this is that I have held space open in my calendar and will not be able to support another woman during that time slot.

If you are not able to attend an appointment due to a situation beyond your control, please get in touch with me as soon as possible and I will do my best to reschedule your session.

From time to time, appointments may need to be rescheduled from my end.


In this instance, I will contact you directly in the hope we can find another time to suit you and to work around your schedule.


If we cannot, I will refund your full payment via your initial payment method and without an administration fee. 


You are welcome to book in with me for a single session or ongoingly as you wish.

Though I would love to continue supporting you, there is no pressure to book in for a followup appointment.

If you would like to book in with me but there is no visible time on the calendar that suits your schedule, please contact me directly and I will do my best to find a time that suits us both.

If you have vision or hearing impairments, please do not hesitate to let me know so that I can do what I can to make the appointment more comfortable for you.

If you are non-speaking, I would be delighted to meet with you.


Please contact me directly prior to booking in and we will work out a tailored approach. 

Late Arrivals

In order to gain the most out of your session, I would appreciate if you could arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.

If you are running behind, unfortunately I am not able to go overtime resulting in a reduced session time.

If you have not used Zoom before, I would be grateful if you could ensure you have installed Zoom in advance and ensured it is working properly for you.

Please don't hesitate to test the Zoom link that I send as many times as you need prior to meeting with me. 


I take notes following our session together for my own records, detailing what we have discussed.

These notes are kept in an encrypted system and not shared unless I am legally obligated to do so.

Public Speaking

I regularly speak publically so as to draw attention to issues affecting autistic women. 

Though I speak with regard to the experiences of autistic women in general, I never provide any information that could lead to you being identified.

As part of my role I speak about the general experiences of autistic women, based on the commonalities and themes I observe in my work and also commonalities which are well-known.

Duty of Care


I am committed to exercising my duty of care towards you at all times. 

Should I be concerned about self-harm or suicidality I have an ethical responsibility to immediately advise the appropriate authorities in order to keep you safe.


If I suspect that you or others are in significant danger for any other reason, it is understood that I may consult with a third party.

The Right to Decline 


I reserve the right to decline to work with any person of my choosing should I feel uncomfortable or unsafe – either physically or emotionally - or if I feel that my services do not offer the best support for you at this time. 

Please note that any abuse towards me is unacceptable.

These Terms of Service


I reserve the right to update or modify these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice.

Your use of thelostgirl.com.au or booking an appointment with me following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the revised Terms of Service.


For this reason, I encourage you to review these Terms of Service whenever you use this website. 

It is understood that I assume no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from any action or inaction you take based on the information or advice provided to you either in session, on this website or affiliated social media channels. 

You agree to indemnify me against all consequences arising directly or indirectly from any action you choose to take.

If either of us have any concerns about my provision of service, we agree that we shall communicate with the genuine intention of seeking a solution through discussion and negotiation.

As I live in Victoria, Australia these Terms are guided by the governing law of this state and the Commonwealth of Australia. 

This site is owned and operated by Jessie Aiton, trading as The Lost Girl Melbourne (ABN: 29 639 339 608).